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Make the little things count

Most people are not happy because they are waiting for something big to show up in their lives to make them happy but they forget to me the little things count . They are like one of the speakers I heard the other day that said that happiness is made of small things like a small yacht, a small sport car, and a small mansion.

But the problem is most of us will never have a chance to have those things, and to make things worse we hear in the news about people that have all of those things that are not even happy and some of them, would even take their lives away because they can not find the happiness they thought these things were going to give them as demonstrated by the recent case of Robin Williams.

When I say to make the little things count, I am referring to a lot of things that we do not pay much attention to, but make us feel happy, like a baby smile, like a beautiful sunset, like a walk at the beach, like looking at the sky in the middle of the night when is full of stars, like looking at the sky when there is a full moon lighting up the earth or just waking up early to look the sunrise; that is what I mean when I say to make the little things count. Let me ask you a question: how much do these things cost?

Zero. Nothing. And they can make us happy in an instant only if we allow them to. But the sad part is that we are too busy to even notice them. Let me ask you: when was the last time that you notice a full moon, that you watch the sunset or that you watch the sunrise.

As you have seen, there are a lot of little things that can make us happy, but we have to take the time to be aware of them and since they are free, they are available to every person that look for them.

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Woke up early to watch the sunrise in West Palm Beach; it was cold, but is was beautiful

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