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The key to happiness - Live in the Present.

Some people are so worrying about the future that they forget to live in the present. They live in the " when..." instead of in the " now "; they are always thinking, when I get a different job, when I buy a house, when I get married, then I be happy; but when they get married, when they buy the house, when they get a different job then they say, when we get a bigger house, when we get a better job or we have family, then will be happy.

The problem with this type of thinking is that if we do not enjoy in the present then we will never find the happiness because there will always be another when...and happiness is a result of been fully present.

Talking to people from different cultures and backgrounds, I have founded out that the cultures that place more emphasis on living the present live happier lives. Let me give you an example, Lisa is about 24 years old - she is from a little town in Ukraine - by talking to her I found that she comes from a very poor family, she said that her father left her mother right after he found that her mother was pregnant.

Her mother found herself at age 42, pregnant, single, with no money and no one to support her. So she took whatever job she could find to support her and her baby.

Lisa told me, we did not have any money but we were always happy. My mother took every chance she had to talk, play, and be with me, and as far as I remember we were always happy, we use to run, talk, play and even though I did not have many toys or material things, I have a lot of love from my family, friends and from my mother, and we try to enjoy every moment we had together and I think that is the reason I was always happy.

As you can see, Lisa's mom did not say, when I get another guy then I will be happy, she did not say, when my kid grow up then I will be happy, she did not say, when I get more money then I will be happy, she just took every chance she had to enjoy with her little one and be happy and that is a great example of living the present.

We all should learn from Lisa's mother and enjoy each and every moment life gives us, yes, I know, there are many things that make it difficult to enjoy the present moment because we are used to think in function of the future, but we need to discipline ourselves to take every opportunity to enjoy the present instead of waiting until something else happens in the future.

My recommendation today is to do not wait until life is over to start enjoying. Give yourself a chance to be happy now, do not wait, because the longer we wait the more elusive happiness becomes. That is the reason I said at the beginning, the key to happiness is living in the present.

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The magic of a new day

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